Price list

Written translation services: Calculation of a page (including the space and punctuation marks) due to MS Word (Times New Roman, type 12, interval 1,5) is equal to 1800 symbols.

• Volume of the text including the space and punctuation marks less than 1800 symbols is paid as a full page.
• • Volume of the text including the space and punctuation marks less than or equal to 900 symbols is paid as a half page.

Discounts for orders with a large text volume are agreed individually.
Urgent translation is extra charged for +25% to the sum.

Consecutive interpretation services: : in case of necessity of an interpreter for full several days (a full day is equal to 8 hours), an hour of interpretation is agreed individually. In case of necessity of an interpreter for several days out of the city, namely on site within Kyzylorda oblast, not 24 hours, but 12 hours are chargeable. (including the lunch time). In this case boarding, transportation and accommodation is at the expense of Customer). The tariffs are valid in Kyzylorda and Kyzylorda oblast, the prices vary due to a location.

After accepting an order and agreed prices, 30% pre-payment shall be done. Payment can be done by transfer into the bank account, thru Western Union, Unistream or transfer into Visa card.

Tariffs and standards  

Languages   Price in KZT,
excluding VAT
 Written translation
Technical terminology
 Russian / Kazakh    1 800 KZT
 Kazakh / Russian   1 900 KZT
 Russian / English  2 400 KZT
 English /Russian  2 500 KZT
 Kazakh / English  2 600 KZT
 English / Kazakh  2 700 KZT
 Written translation
Without technical terminology (Literary style)
 Russian / Kazakh    2 000 KZT
 Kazakh / Russian   2 100 KZT
 Russian / English  2 700 KZT
 English /Russian  2 800 KZT
 Kazakh / English  2 900 KZT
 English / Kazakh  3 000 KZT

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